Overview of the Indian Cricket Market

Cricket is one of the most popular team games in the world. This game has its roots in England, but as a result of colonization, this sport has spread to the territory of India and is currently. Cricket quickly took over the region and became a popular sport and a part of Indian culture over time. Now, the government monopolizes all betting and gambling activities in India. Therefore, officially creating an online betting resource in India is almost impossible. 

Despite the relative easing of legislation in recent years, the government still tightly controls this market. At the same time, multiple bans do not apply to those platforms that are registered offshore and operate legally. Indian cricket enthusiasts actively use such services, forming the predominant part of their audience. One of these platforms is Betwinner, which will be discussed below. From this review, you will also learn about the main cricket events that occur every year and attract hundreds of thousands of fans to TV screens and online bookmakers.

Main Cricket Tournaments You Can Bet On

Below, you can get an insight into the world tournaments and events you can find on the most reputable online betting platforms. This info can be useful for newcomers and those with experience in betting on cricket. In the first case, you can get an overview of the market and decide which event to choose. 

On the other hand, if you are an experienced punter, this info may deepen your knowledge about cricket. It is noteworthy that in most of these tournaments, Indian teams regularly take top positions in leaderboards.

ICC Cricket World Cup

This championship is the most popular cricket event, attracting thousands of game fans from India and worldwide. This one-day championship is the fourth-largest cricket event in the world of sports. 

All national teams are allowed to participate in the tournament. In addition, some teams that have passed the qualifying games are also allowed. This event first took place in 1975. Since then, bettors worldwide can enjoy the games every four years.

The last tournament took place in English Wales in 2019. It is noteworthy that India will be the next host of the game in 2023. It is worth saying that there are also separate T20 championships for men and women, which will be described below.

Women’s Cricket World Cup

Compared to the previous option, this championship is not so popular but still has a stable audience. A distinguishing feature of this tournament is the limited number of overs. It is noteworthy that the first game in this tournament took place two years before a similar men’s championship. Like in the case of the World Cup, this tournament takes place every four years. The next games within this championship are scheduled for 2025 in New Zealand.

ICC Champions Trophy


It is a popular one-day international tournament that takes place under supervision and according to the rules of the ICC. This championship takes second place in importance after the World Cup. This event first occurred in 1998 and was called the ICC Knockout Tournament. 

Four years later, the name was changed to the “Champions Trophy”. It’s worth saying that the format used in the first years of the championship was different from the one now. For example, it was an instant knockout with no pools back then. It means that those teams that lost were immediately dropped from the competition. Only the teams in the first eight places (according to the One Day International qualify games results) were allowed to participate in the tournament. 

The qualifying games usually took place six months before the main championship. In 2021, the next tournament should be held in India, and many fans were disappointed with the cancellation of the tournament due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the event will still take place in 2025.

ICC World Twenty20

The second title for this championship is ICC World T20 or World Twenty20. It is an international sporting event that takes place under the patronage of World Twenty20. This championship was held in South Africa (in Johannesburg) for the first time in 2007. Then the team from India took a confident victory over the team from Pakistan, beating them five times on points.

Unlike previous tournaments, this cricket event takes place every two years. However, for fans of this championship, recent years have not been very positive. The fact is that the championship in 2018 was canceled, and the tournament in 2020 was postponed. The last time the ICC World T20 was held after a pause of five years was in 2021 in Oman.

Ashes series

A feature of this tournament is that only two countries participate: England and Australia. Despite this, the number of bettors from India who follow the game is the same as when it comes to T20.

The tournament’s name came from a satirical obituary published in one of the British sports newspapers. After Australia won the first game of this championship, the author wrote that English cricket had died. He also jokingly pointed out that “its body will be cremated and the ashes transported to Australia”.

Teams are going through five challenges within The Ashes tournament. The event occurs every four years. Note that England and Australia exchange the role of a tournament host. The cup goes to the team that won the last test series. Another peculiarity is that teams can end up in a draw.

World Test Championship 

The World Test Championship, organized by the International Cricket Council, is considered one of the major sporting events in the world. Initially, the idea of ​​creating such a championship was proposed by Ali Baher and Clive Lloyd during the next ICC conference in 1997. The purpose of holding this championship was to increase the popularity of cricket and attract new investments in the sport.

However, only 22 years later, cricket fans could enjoy it for the first time in 2019. The championship ran until 2021. After that, it was attended by nine of the twelve countries approved for testing. According to the original plan, each team had to play three home and three away matches within two years, which were counted towards the championship. Subsequently, plans had to be adjusted as the coronavirus pandemic began. 

In particular, the organizers have changed the scoring algorithms for forming the standings. Later, two top teams from India and New Zealand met in 2021. However, despite the high performance of each of the members of the Indian team, New Zealand took over. The match was played at the Rose Bowl stadium in Southampton.

Cricket Betting Tips

If you are going to bet on real money, it is important to take this seriously. Below, you can get an insight into several general tips which can help you make the right decision.

  1. Learn at least the main cricket rules to have an overall understanding of the game.
  2. Always check the weather forecast where the match will be held. Also, you should learn about the field conditions.
  3. Research the overall performance of teams and each player in particular. 
  4. Learn about main cricket odds and bet types you can use on the online bookie.
  5. Always get new info about the cricket rankings.
  6. Do not neglect the information provided by independent sports analytics.

Last but not least aspect is the correct chase of a bookie. You should ensure that your platform is reliable, with comfortable interaction with coefficients, competitive odds, and trusted payment methods. Betwinner promo code is one of such bookies you can find on the Internet, and below you can get its brief overview.

Why is Betwinner the Top Bookie for Cricket Betting?

The current platform is a reputable online bookmaker that has operated in the market since 2018. It operates fully legal and has a license issued by the Curacao Gambling Committee. It offers many available bonuses for betting on sports titles (welcome reward, cashback, accumulator of the day, series of losing bets, etc.). Also, it has an exclusive promo for betting on cricket and is devoted to the T20 World Cup 2022. This promo allows you to get back the whole amount of the bet you lose (the upper limit is 750₹). At the same time, you should place a stake of at least 500₹.

The platform offers a lot of different markets you can use while betting: handicaps, exact score, over/under, even/odd, etc. Plus, Betwinner supports special odds for more experienced punters. While playing, you can easily change odd formats and customize the grid with cricket matches. It boosts your user experience and makes it easy to react quickly to game changes. 

A serious advantage of the platform is the support of local Indian payment gateways you can use without additional transaction fees. Plus, you can take advantage of cryptocurrency deposits/withdrawals for better anonymity. Moreover, the portal does not have geo-restrictions towards players from India. Plus, you can deposit funds or withdraw winnings in rupees.

If you do not have experience in placing stakes, you can check betting guidelines in the Betwinner’s knowledge base. If you still have questions, you can reach the customer support service via one of the available communication channels. Betwinner’s teams operate 24/7 and are ready to resolve any type of issue within the shortest time possible.

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